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The whole table erupted in laughter. The most emotional ones had not yet had time to calm down, when Mazist rang the bell and, when the same waitress came up again, he asked Max:

-And what is your weight?

He named some number, to which Mazist, addressing the waitress, said:

- Bring the steelyard, we will weigh it!

Friendly laughter swept through the entire casino. Those who digested the first joke about the caliper, not having time to laugh, choked on a new wave of laughter, while those who had just begun to listen to what was happening at that table even shed tears from the unexpectedness of the speech turn.

Vladimir had his own qualification of gaming tables: he called roulette "floor

exercises", poker - "mandatory program", blackjack did not have a specific name, because Mazist rarely found himself at the table for this game, and if he did, then mostly as a spectator.

The sequence changed “according to”: if “there was an opinion” to start with floor exercises, then the poker game ended. And vice versa. It was important to "hear opinion".

That day Mazist came in the afternoon and was the only player in the hall. About two hours later, Pepper pulled himself up and asked from the threshold:

- Vova, how are you doing?


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